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Must Read Books for Expecting and New Moms and Dads…

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Must read books for expecting and new moms and dads

It took almost a year to conceive our first daughter. Now we have a two and a half year old and a ten month old baby girl. I never expected to have two kids so close together, but here we are! These are the books that were the staple of our journey and I hope they can help you on your journey as well!

What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a must have for expecting moms. It gives you the week by week and month by month developmental changes of your baby and how you as the mommy can expect to feel along the way. There are some parts to skip when family history doesn’t apply; but there are many helpful pieces of advice and information like when you can expect ultrasounds, blood testing, and questions to ask your doctor.

What to Expect the First Year is the book that babies don’t come with, but should. It lets you know the developmental milestones and what you can look forward to your little one learning and how you can help them achieve those goals. It’s important to remember that not every baby will reach every goal like clockwork, and that’s ok! Don’t panic! Just as 95% of babies don’t arrive on their actual due date, they grow and learn at their own pace, too!

Jenny McCarthy Belly Laughs Disclaimer: if you are offended by potty mouthed humor and cursing, this book is NOT for you. But if you want an easy read that talks about the down to earth things that expecting moms experience, like the fear of pooping during birth, you need to read this book! Jenny McCarthy is a tell-it-like-it-is author and brings humor to the pregnancy experience.


Jenny McCarthy Baby Laughs The first month or so, your newborn sleeps most of the day. And while you might need some sleep, too, this book is another easy read that will help you laugh and feel like you are talking to your funniest girlfriend. She makes you feel like you’re not alone in this thing called motherhood and that we call have similar fears and experiences. (The same disclaimer applies for the previous book.)
What To Expect When Your Wife is Expanding I bought this book for my husband when I bought the What to Expect When You’re Expecting book for myself. My husband really isn’t into reading books, but he was excited about our new journey and decided to give this one a try. This book really made him laugh! It gives them advice on how to care for their pregnant wife and things not to say during labor. I highly recommend this book for getting your significant other on board with a little advice from another dad who’s been there!

That sums up my “Must Read Book” list! I encourage you and your baby daddy to read them all! Best of luck to you in your pregnancy and motherhood journey! It’s not easy. And it’s a little scary. But it is so worth it!


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