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Fun Ideas for a Rainy Summer Day…

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Here in South Florida, it usually rains once a day in the summer time. It may not last long, but it does force the kids to come inside and cool off from the heat. I put together a list of ideas for you to do with your kiddos when they can’t be exploring the outdoors.

I’ll be honest, Play-Doh is not my personal favorite because it can get a little messy. My daughter, on the other hand, absolutely loves it and it will keep her occupied for hours on end. And this Momma loves that! For that reason, this Play-Doh Bakery Set is a perfect rainy day solution! When they’re done with the Play-Doh, why not bake in real life? These silicone cupcake molds are BPA-free, safe in ovens up to 450*, and reusable! They come in all kinds of fun shapes for the Lego lovers, Star Wars fans, and they even have holiday themes. No more running out of paper liners and having to scrape cupcake from the inside of your baking sheets. I love reusable items. They really make me feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth!

Board games are a fun and interactive way to pass the time. One of my favorites growing up was Candy Land and it’s quickly becoming my daughter’s favorite too, although sometimes we play by “her rules”. Either way, it helps pass the time indoors!No need to buy new white T’s for this project! We have plenty of stained white t-shirts around here. Tie-dying is a great way to pass the time! So pull out that “play shirt” that you’re about to throw away because the stains are too embarrassing to take them out in public and tie-dye on the next rainy day. This kit has enough dye for 6 shirts (more if they are toddler shirts). Watch their amazement when they see what their designs look like!

These Melissa & Doug Water Wow books are awesome for a rainy day or even a long car or plane ride. They have a variety of themes like princesses, safari, ocean life, tractors and cars. It comes with a brush that holds a small amount of water and when the brush touches the pages, colors and hidden designs are revealed. I just stocked up on these for a vacation we are taking this weekend. The best part is, when they dry, they return to their original black and white version. So they can be used over and over again! Money well spent!

Save the bowling alley for a hot day and get this wooden indoor bowling set. It comes with three balls and 10 wooden pins with different adorable characters on each one. It will keep them busy and help them burn a little bit of energy!

This Alex Toys Art Studio comes with everything your young artist needs, including non-spill containers and 75 feet of paper on a roll! It’s also a chalk board and white board and 10 different colors of chalk and two white board markers come in the box as well. Three toys in one? Yes, please!

Puzzles have come along way since I was a kid! This magnetic puzzle comes with 70 wooden magnetic pieces, chalk, colored pens, and an idea booklet to help come up with new designs. One side of the magnetic box is a chalk board, the other side is a dry erase board. They can explore their own creativity, imagination, and spacial thinking ways building a school, hospital, police station, etc. When they are done, the box keeps everything together until the next time they want to explore their own creativity and imagination!

I hope this helps you think of creative activities for staying indoors on a rainy day! And, if they still have energy to burn, open the doors and let them play in the rain! Find other fun ideas for sunny days here!

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