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For My Future Graduate…

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You are far from graduating high school or college, my sweet daughters, but I know you will grow up to accomplish great things. In school, they teach you math, history, and how to diagram sentences in English class. I am here to tell you that not once have I ever needed to know how to diagram a sentence. But here are a few things that I learned through my experiences and hope it can help you in yours.

You don’t have to grow up just yet. Don’t worry about buying a home, getting married, or starting a family. Explore.

Never stop learning. There is always something to learn even in the most unexpected circumstances.

Be mindful of your words. They can be more damaging than you might think.

Never give up. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do somethning that you’re dreaming about.

Pick a job that will make you happy. Money isn’t everything and money can’t buy happiness.

Tomorrow isn’t promised. Always tell the people you love that you love them.

Be confident. Everyone has something that they wish they could change. Embrace those things. They make you who you are.

Find a few great friends. The kind that you can tell anything to and trust with your deepest feelings. It’s better to have a handful of best friends than twenty acquaintances.

Travel. Before you get tied down in your forever job or relationship or family, go see the world. It is beautiful.

Be careful. You can’t trust everyone and sometimes, those who you think you can trust will let you down.

Don’t forget where you came from. You may move far away, but your home is where you began.

Time flies by. I know it has seemed like forever to get to this point in your life. The rest of your life is going to seem like a blink of an eye. Enjoy every moment and don’t waste time on things that you don’t bring you happiness.

You will make mistakes. That’s ok. Learn from the experience and move on.

Treat your friends like a garden. You get out what you put in.

Consider other people’s perspectives. You might learn something new.

Give yourself some grace. You may not be where you think you should be in a certain amount of time or in comparison to those around you. There is no such thing as perfection and life is not a race.

I look forward to seeing where your lives take you. I will love you and encourage you every step of the way. Good luck, my future graduates. You will do great things.


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