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We’ve All Been There…


Just Surviving motherhood-3

It happens at the least opportune time and usually with an audience. You feel like every eye is on you and everyone in ear shot are judging you. At that moment, your frustration mounts and you feel like the biggest failure as a mother. As mothers, we are always questioning if what we are doing is right. You know what kind of mother you want to be, but reality is a bitch unpredictable.

Tantrums. You’re in the middle of Target, trying not to spend $200 (like you do every time you go in there just for toilet paper) and your child wants that toy, or they are hungry, or they are tired. Whatever the reason, they start yelling and crying and trying to get out of the shopping cart. You try to shush them to no avail. People are staring and you feel like the worst mother in the world with the worst behaved child in the world. We’ve all been there.

Running late. Your child can be running around like a maniac at home, but when it comes time to leave to get to an important appointment, they turn into tiny little sloths. Children have no idea what “We’re running late!!” means. You’re frantic and sweating and know you’ll never make it on time. One child is hiding in the back row and refusing to get into the car seat despite repeated bribes and threats. We’ve all been there. 

Loss of patience. You were up all night with one child, your cup of coffee wasn’t enough, and your oldest has pushed you over the edge. You lose your temper and your tongue is sharp. You can see the look of sadness on their little face, and the guilt is overwhelming. We’ve all been there. 

The next time any of these things happen to you, give yourself some grace and know that every other mommy has experienced something similar. We are all in this thing called motherhood together. Lets be more sympathetic to each other rather than passing judgement. We are all just trying to do the best we can. Send a sympathetic smile or an encouraging word instead of a judgmental stare. We all need to cut ourselves and each other some slack because, after all, we’ve all been there.  motherhood quote


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