Real Housewives of…

I wonder how Real Housewives got their name? They are upper middle class women in million dollar gated communities, with CEO and athlete husbands, nannies, and Botox. Their hair is always perfect, their make up is flawless, and their clothes are fashionable and expensive. While I’m mildly jealous of their glamorous lives (and wrinkle free faces),  ‘Real’ is pretty far fetched.

Real housewives are knee deep in dirty diapers. They might have just found a Cheerio in their hair and wear yoga pants. They may have actually done yoga that day, but probably not. Real housewives have a sink full of dirty dishes, enjoy a crockpot dinner, and can’t remember the last time they went to the bathroom by themselves. Real housewives throw their hair up in a messy bun and call it ‘done’. Maybe they spray some dry shampoo if they are feeling a little greasy fancy. They might have makeup on, but it also might be from yesterday. Glamorous? Not quite.

The slapping and hair pulling are much different for a real housewife. But we are all Real Housewives of (insert your city here). We are just waiting on our call from Bravo.



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