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Moms That Suck…

JUST SURVIVING MOTHERHOOD-2You know the kind I’m talking about. We all know at least one mom who make us want to punch them in the face, if we weren’t the classy ladies that we are, of course. Here are a few of the moms that just really suck…

The moms who act like they’ve got it all together. The moms who can’t and won’t admit that its hard to juggle being wife, mom, maid, laundry service, personal shopper, secretary, and business manager. The ones who act like they’ve never heard of dry shampoo.

The moms who act like they know everything.Well thats what I would do.” How about you let me do it my way because I really do know what’s best for my children. I have no intentions of starving them. I am all about welcomed advice and information sharing. But if I didn’t ask for your two cents, don’t give it. I’m certainly not about to lead my kid down a dark alley in a bad neighborhood and leave them there.

The “told you so” moms. Who wants to hear that… EVER?

The moms who don’t understand that your schedule is important, but don’t want to budge on their own schedule. “Can’t they nap later?” No, in fact, they can’t! When my kids don’t nap they turn into little monsters with major meltdowns. And who has to deal with that? ME.

The moms who don’t curse. Get the fuck outta here.

The MLM moms. Multilevel marketing is just annoying. So we have’t spoken since high school but you really want to talk with me about an amazing opportunity or product? No thanks. I will buy my make up, oils, and vitamins from the store for a fraction of the price. I know you are just trying to provide for your family. I get it. I really do. But you’re clogging up my social media feed with your annoying videos.

The judgmental moms. Look, we are all doing our best here. So what if my kid sleeps in my bed or uses a pacifier. They won’t do it forever.

The Essential Oil Moms. Let me set the record straight. I love essential oils. They are great for calming, awakening, opening the sinuses, prevention of illnesses, and many other things. But have you ever heard of clostridium difficile? No essential oil is going to clean that. Sometimes you just need some good ol’ fashioned bleach.

The “I don’t let my kid eat that” moms. If your kid’s throat closes up when they eat peanuts, ok, I get it. But if you’re an 80’s baby like me, you ate processed, non-organic foods and turned out just fine. Everything in moderation.

If you’re reading this and find yourself to be one of these moms, please stop being such an asshole.


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