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Mommin’ Ain’t Easy…

this is your chance

Let’s be real here. This being a mom shit is really hard!! 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. 365 days a year. Our days never end. Nights blend into mornings. The days all blur together. Sometimes the crying doesn’t stop. Mom. MOM. MOOOOOM! It’s really. Fucking. Hard.

There is something about taking care of your little one that makes the late nights, early mornings, endless diapers, spit up down your back (and on the floor) worth all of the sacrifices.

But there are a lot of sacrifices. I miss using my brain every day. I miss adult conversations. I miss driving with the radio turned up loud, windows down, singing along to my favorite songs. I miss bringing home an income to help supplement my family and decrease my husband’s stress load. I miss my friends and girl time. I miss going to the bathroom by myself (like my husband is still somehow able to do). I miss a clean house without the clutter of baby things and toddler toys. I miss nights out with my husband. I miss a full night’s sleep. I miss cooking dinner with a glass of wine and Frank Sanatra playing in the back ground.

But do you know what’s even better? Tea parties. Singing Frozen and The Little Mermaid songs at the top of your lungs on repeat. Playing dress up. Play dates. Little toes and hands under the door when you’re in the bathroom just because they miss you. I love waking up to see my girls’ beautiful sleeping faces. A messy house means playtime, fun, and memories. Left overs and ordering in mean more time with your children who’s childhood is fleeting. They won’t be this little forever. One day the house will be clean and it will be quiet, but only because your babies will be all grown up.

Savor this time. Motherhood is hard. But it is magical. Those little smiles and innocent eyes looking up at you makes it all worth it. It doesn’t make it less hard. But it makes it worth it.


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